Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Clipper Vessel Adds to the Scene Along the Salmon River

New Clipper Vessel
I haven't updated the blog in awhile, so here goes. 

 Here is a picture of a Clipper vessel I built a couple of years ago (from Model Tech Studios) and placed on the layout along the Salmon River near the legion hall. The model took some forty or so hours to complete.  It's a really nice addition to this waterfront scene and many visitors comment on the interesting look of this vessel with all its intricate rigging.

Here's a closer view of the area.  The Salmon River acts as a border between the state of Maine (to the left foreground) and the state of New Hampshire (to the right where the legion hall is located.  The structure was a scratchbuilt affair.  I really like the look of buildings that jut out over water along hillsides.

Thanks so much for checking in!
Mike Hamer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada