Saturday, November 03, 2018

B&M Train N6 "The Newsboy"

The local North Dover crew has blocked the traffic for inbound B&M train N6.
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They've placed the cut of four cars on the North Siding in town.
Cars blocked are flatcar PRR 469617, boxcar BM 75161 and two tankers.

The switching order indicates the cars to be found in the yard and blocked.

The local crew moves out of the way.

They will park the switcher on the South Siding in short order. 

In due time, Train N2, "The Newsboy" approaches town.

They cross Stanley Bridge over the Salmon River.

Hitting the Boundary Road crossing, the locomotives are now in the state of New Hampshire with the remainder of the consist back across the river in the state of Maine.

Rounding the big curve in North Dover with the Holy Spirits Distilleries complex towering above the yard.

The SFRD reefer will be the first car in the cut of cars to be removed from the train.

The train orders for the crew of Train N2 upon arrival at North Dover.

This will be an easy movement with four cars being dropped and four lifted.

The cut is made behind the PRR flatcar.

The gondola heads up the remainder of the train.

The engineer guides his train on to the North Siding where they have grabbed their lifts.

They pull their lifts from the siding.

Then bring them along the main to the rest of the train.

Uncoupling the setouts from the train.

Spotting the setouts on the North Siding.

Almost there.

Setouts complete.

The crew of N2 has performed their brake test and are now underway.

We say good-bye to the buggy as the train enters the tunnel beneath the main street of town.

The four setouts to the siding include the Santa Fe reefer, a B&M boxcar, the B&O hopper and the PRR flat.


George Dutka said...

Looking good Mike...good to see you posting once again also...George Dutka

Mike Hamer said...

Thanks, George! Great hearing from you!
Yeah, I've been totally busy in model building for others and playing in the musical bands.
Still teaching as well!

All the best to you!

Adam Preble said...

Great little post. As I was getting started in operating about a year ago I found the videos you made with Chris Lyon on your layout to be particularly helpful, one of them following The Newsboy. They laid each train's tasks out clearly and succinctly, with a little color too -- very helpful for a newcomer. North Dover looks like a nice town to operate in. Thanks for those and for posting this!