Saturday, April 22, 2006

B&M Road Switchers in Canada

B&M road switchers have been spotted in Canada over the years by resilient railfans who know a good thing when they see it and we congratulate Ed Warren for the following three images!

This shot of a pair of RS3's, numbers 1515 and 1519 with a CP diesel demonstrates the two paint schemes that adorned these workhorses. The middle unit is painted in the scheme known to railfans as the "blue dip" while the leading unit remains untouched (thank heavens) in the original Minute Man scheme of maroon and gold pinstriping, a beloved classic colour match held dear to rail enthusiasts. While the Canadian location is unknown, what we do know is that the shot is a good one!

The 1519 you see to the right sandwiched between another B&M brother #1515 and a CP diesel is in full "blue dip" colouring.

This is the RS3 switcher I have on my B&M layout, only in the maroon and gold paint scheme.
My version of the 1519 adorned the cover of Model Railroader's "Great Model Railroads 2004" edition. While the location remains unknown, the train certainly provides a colourful surprise for railfans like Ed Warren who snapped this shot!

This interesting view clearly demonstrates the later blue paint wearing thin to reveal the lovely B&M maroon with gold striping livery hidden beneath the 1512's blue skin.

These RS3's arrived on B&M property sometime between 1952-55 in an order of numbers 1505-1519 and 1535-45. Seeing it years later in Canada as lens by Ed Warren is a real treat!

Thanks to Ed Warren for sharing his pictures with the fellows of the Friday Night Group. They are a joy to view!

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Cheers, Mike


Chris Lyon said...

Must be the blue scheme

Mike Sherbak said...

Just checking in Mr Hamer
Those photos are nice ! i just picked up a couple of RS units one Atlas RS3 in the blue scheme and another Kato RS2 I plan to do in the Maroon/black scheme
Looking forward to the next installment!
Mike Sherbak
Back in baghdad - 4 months to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike ,nice layout , i like your video shot , Some years ago , you went at Montreal Ry Club. Here my first video: Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

I am 99% sure that picture is at London ontario yard at the west end ( Adelaide st ).
Andrew Hopkins

Anonymous said...
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