Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Little Red Engine That Could

I run a shortline branch out of North Dover on my Boston and Maine Railroad. The St. Clare and Northern RR is a Pinsly inspired line with its 44-tonners and 70-tonners adorned in the vibrant red Pinsly colors with black stripes and yellow lettering.

In the first image we spot a St. Clare & Northern light move crossing the Salmon River on the outskirts of North Dover.

Currently, 44-tonner #14 is the only lettered unit in the stable at this point. We spot the shortline crew traversing the New England River Bridge with a Nickel Plate covered hopper in tow...a typical small train for this shortline railroad.

That's St. Clare and Northern buggy #1 on the rear. This train will head across the New England River where it will diverge from the mainline and head onto St. Clare and Northern trackage.

Note the verdant landscape so common to New England in the late spring and early summer. It's a rare New England photograph that does not contain a green background and the image taken on this day is no exception!

This close-up view clearly shows the silver trucks which adorn this proud little unit. My good friend, Mike Mueller painted and lettered this locomotive for me.

44-tonners are a common sight throughout New England and they are spotted in a variety of brightly decorated paint schemes.

This train is outbound from North Dover where it will shortly meet the junction with its own line to head inland.

Our St. Clare and Northern train has just crossed the Salmon River outside North Dover and is now in the state of Maine.

It is spotted passing the Boston and Maine junction with the Maine Central this afternoon.

Judging by the bright blue sky, it is a beautiful spring afternoon in New England and that black covered hopper looks like the proverbial "thorn" between "two roses"!

And...what is this we see? Two 44-tonners in the same picture! Why, of course...this is New England is it not? This scene is just outside North Dover. The St. Clare and Northern train has just left New Hampshire as it crossed the Salmon River and it is approaching the interchange with the Maine Central.

No, that's not a black Maine Central's a B&M unit on loan to the MEC where it is performing spot duty with some track removal.

One thing is for certain in New England. You never know what you'll find when you head out for a day of railfanning...but don't discount a 44-tonner or two!

Cheers, Mike

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Mike Sherbak said...

Love that narrow cupola caboose Mike ! I just bought 2 MEC 44 tonners for my home road! Thanks for positng this one - Now I know what they are gonna look like on my layout!
Mike Sherbak

Mike Hamer said...

Yes, Mike. Those 44 tonners are great little workhorses!