Saturday, June 10, 2006

First Video of B&M trains by Mike

Chris came over this afternoon and we had fun running trains in the layout room. He showed me how to create a video with my Canon digital camera and put it on the web. Here are the results.


Mike Sherbak said...

Hey Mike
Can you email me the video
The restrictions on my PC will not allow me to play it from the web but I can get wmv files via email

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, long time no speak. It's nice to see all that beautiful B&M equipment. Don't worry my HO B&M/MEC fleet is still expanding.

TTYL, Andrew Dawson

Ken King said...

Like the video!!

Gotta get moving on my layout room. I think my buddy (master electrician) is going to come over and help me with some additional room wiring for the layout room this weekend.

Been working LOTS lately...I think I need a day off at any rate. Suppose I could go but some more Overland power with all that cash ;-)

Your friend, Ken.

spovlot said...


Great work on the video. That is really the best way to show off your layout. Hope to see more soon.


Anonymous said...

Great Layout Mike!! It's always good to see a good New England themed railroad such as yours. Gotta love the B&M! I'm going to get a couple of B&M coaches to run on some of my New Haven trains. After all, the two railroad did a good bit of interchange in Springfield, MA with both freight and passenger. Beutiful layout Mike.

Bill Shanaman (NHGuy)
Sugar City

Anonymous said...

Really sharp work Mike. One thing I noticed one your layout, that I have never seen on anyones (except mine) is the bridge abutments/piers. I model the Conn River Line North of Holyoke Ma. When the B&M rehanbed the line in the early 1900's they made the new concrete abutments and piers right over the old stone ones. Remarkable. Good job. I poured mine with resin right over the chooch stone abutments.

Brian Sklarski
Belchertown Massachusetts
B&M modeler and NECR conductor

Mike Hamer said...

Hi everyone, great to hear from all my good friends and fellow model railroaders. My layout recently hosted its 1500th visitor. I get such a thrill sharing the hobby with visitors in person. I'm glad to learn how it has inspired many other modellers who have similar space limitations. Mike, I'll have to check to see if I have that video on file...not sure if I do. Great hearing from you. Andrew, nice hearing from my old buddy from Montreal...glad to hear that your B&M fleet continues to expand! Kenny, I've been following your layout's development on the railroad-line forum...certainly exciting for you and your future operators. Scott and Bill, great to hear from fellow forum members...glad you liked the blog. Brian, thanks for the compliments on the piers and abutments...I look forward to seeing images and hearing about your layout. Do you have a website? Once again, thanks everyone for visiting!