Monday, August 10, 2015

Crew at Lowell Junction Blocks Traffic for Boston and Maine Outbound Manifest Freight MP3

Blocking Traffic In Staging

Boston and Maine RS2 #1503 is located at Lowell Junction at the duckunder entrance to the railroad room. 

 It is tasked with the job of blocking the cars for train MP3 that will be set out in North Dover later in the day

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Here are the switching orders for blocking Train MP3 at Lowell Junction on my layout.
Three cars must be located and blocked in the train after the fourth car.  We see that it's May 27, 1958, the day of my birth and we notice that Train MP3 will be travelling outbound.  It will have left Mechanicville, NY in the morning and arrive Portland, ME late in the afternoon with some stops en route.

They follow their orders in the yard and locate the cars required.

Building a model railroad in a room 11x13 means a host of compromises must be established,

The limitations of the room size require the main to be used as a yard lead.  No problem, though, as dispatch has indicated no trains arriving for some while, so the main effectively becomes part of the yard tracks for switching.

The three cars have been assembled on the siding destined for North Dover..

A Maine Central 40 boxcar.

An SBLK chemical car.  SBLK were the markings for a road a friend of mine modeled and operated here in Ottawa many years ago.

A B&M 40 foot boxcar rounds out the work here.

With the train now made up, the power for MP3 is brought to the yard.

Passing the tower that controls yard and mainline movements.

This trio of F-units back onto their train.

They await clearance out of the yard.

MP3's designation indicates that the train began its day in Mechanicville, NY and will end its run in Portland, Me.

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