Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Duckunder Section of My Layout

This image above shows the staging area on the crew lounge side of the duckunder area of my Boston and Maine layout.  The two tracks to the right can be used to stage two trains or they can be used as a small yard to make up trains.  This allows a crew to have more work rather than simply take a staged train out on its mission.  The interlocking tower is an American Model Builders craftsman kit.

This "going-away" shot with the FT's shows B&M train MP3 (Mechanicville - Portland) traversing the diamond with the Maine Central.  This scene is located right above my duckunder on the layout room side of the duckunder.  The MEC track is a dummy track serving as a scenic element.  The interlocking tower is a plaster craftsman kit.


Dstarr said...

Very nice photos.

Unknown said...
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